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Re: Who's the best tank?

Don't forget about skills. The most important is taunt and can use protective stance some. You are a tank job is more about being able to take hits and also keep the agro on you. Both of these skills should be at 10 to help your do this. I wouldnt say 10 it is a waste of energy and we cant afford t...

Re: Gameloft's: Order and Chaos. OneThumbMobile's:Cletic Her

I have played Order And Chaos, and it is fun but easy to complete and when you do complete it well might aswell delete the game, CH however offers a range of things eg. teamwork and class builds. Animation would be a BIG improvement but i dont mind the graphics now but i know the dev team will aspir...

Re: Admin please read

I dont think they are suggesting platinum prices to go down just a way to gettem ingame
like what i suggested
Angelo915 wrote:Maybey a quest that is done weekly and if complete 2 platinum?

But i Agree on the current Platinum prices are fine

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