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Re: Help with ranger alt

Thx for all the advice everyone, I ended up buying hero gloves and a hero rejuv ammy. For my skills I used light heal, bolas, double shot, sharpen, and steady and a 3:2 strength dex ratio. Have yet to put any points in vit and I'm lv 34. :)

Help with ranger alt

I've just created a ranger alt and was wondering what skills and stats should be used. I have around 500k I can spend on equipment, but would rather save some of it for later on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Abundance or Sanctuary?

Currently running a full support build with 700 focus, 140 vit, with 27/25 natures touch (have +70 with event charm and ring), 29/25 bark, 28/25 embrace, and 10/25 abundance. I'm currently finding abundance a bit useless and am curious on whether sanctuary would be a suitable replacement. Any advice...

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