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Buying Items

Shinestone amulet of the poacher (lvl 190) Shinestone bracelet of the poacher (lvl 190) Shinestone ring of the poacher (lvl 190) Wyldshrine bracelet of the Mountain (lvl 190) Wyldshrine ring of the mountain (lvl 190) Trailblazer's ring of eagle (lvl 190) Skyprism ring of the meridian (lvl 190) My in...

Account issue

Hi i just wanted to ask for help with an account issue. I use to play this game a long time, maybe around 2011 ish and paid a lot of money on the account too. I thought id go back on the game and get back in to it but my account wont work. I am definitely putting in my right details so I'm not sure ...

Re: congratulations

Thanks Godzilla for the thought and putting down your price from 50k to 30k but I'm afraid for me anyway that's to much. I would buy loads of chest (100 or even more) if they were 15k maybe 20k if I felt generous but that's it for me. Most people say 12.5 to 15k so I feel like I'm being a bit to gen...


Hi guys i would like to buy

+3 +4 +5 ice shard ring please. If you have them pm me in game or comment the price of which or all of them you are selling.

Re: congratulations

Lol fire thanks for posting this :) it make me see that I'm not alone. Only a little while ago i posted a post just like this say that chests sell 25-30k and warned people to just say no and wait until they sell 15k or around that. Instead people carried on buying and now they sell 50k from some peo...

Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

Granted but then your parents say you must study for 30 hours a day and the rest is sleeping and eating :p

I wish that i could teleport anywhere i wanted so as soon as some grants my wish i will teleport to them and give them a surpise >8) before they corrupt it :p

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