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Re: glad kser

...another offtopic ;/

Ally, Exe please behave. I love You both, so You just got to get along. Dilvar not so much since yesterday. I really thought You are a cool guy, now I see You will do anything for drop.

Re: glad kser

Wow, so harsh ;/ I wander what You have done that 70% ppl do not like You. I need names, can only count to 64%. Buaha, I'm so funny.

Sorry, it was out of place, but "Queen of Riposte" and stay idle.

Re: About Epona

Was just joking, You can't get rid of me. Just wanted to give a reader a feel of being watched, but back to the topic. As a long time player I must say server is pretty nice, there are some individuals trying to ruin game for rest, but just ignore them and drama will never hit You directly. I have m...

Re: About Epona

Legislative wrote:
AnnaVogel wrote:I'm watching You...

watch your six

even I got threats :( time to crawl back to my shell than. So sorry I have an internet and can troll on forums now.

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