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Re: 120 Ranger Advice

I see you don't use long shot, sharp shot, barbed, or explosive arrow. Those are the really only damage skills rangers get besides autos. How long does it take to kill a 3 star mob your level? Myself I have a Dex build since all of our damage skills besides double shot are Dex based. I would wait o...

Need Advice on my 120 Ranger

Hey! I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice as to which build to use. Currently I am running a full strength build. I realize this may be a terrible build, it's just I've just recently got back into playing, and last year this was how I found my ranger most viable. Strength: 385 (490) De...

Re: Any phobia's?

To anyone scared of bees or wasps, here is a trick. For some weird reason a bee/wasp cannot sting you while you hold your breath. My Grandpa used to hold his breath for about 40 or so seconds and while doing so, break apart a small wasp nest and snap the wasps in half. Weird but true.

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