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Superior spite dagger

Just bought today for very cheap. How much could I sell for? 70 pierce damage, 2.5k attack speed and adds more damage to ppl around I think. Oh and BoE, a price would be awesome! Only seen 1 other person with this weapon, world arawn! See you all later!

Re: How old were you?

I was 10, it was the summer event. 2011 summer event i believe. I didnt know what to think. My brother was bored and found this game. We started playing it, and told our friends only thing we thought about. Now im 12 and know a lot about the game. Been playing 2 years strong :D

Re: thinking about a transfer

The top clan is Resurgence in Arawn. They have a recruiting clan and im not sure if theres a lvl requirement for it. The class most needed is probably mage or druid. Prices on sks are 4-5k and idols are 150-250g ea. I hav'nt seen anyone selling black party hats in a while.

Hopes this helps!- Buddy

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