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Re: Old member: Kooks

Hey kooks.... And all the other oldies ;)

I recently heard from goodies, it reminded me of the good times I had in CH.. So I i thought I'd give the forum a quick read and saw this post.

How's life, hope things are going well.


Re: Hey guys.. It's been a while

Hey Doc... Hi back at ya, the name does ring a bell, did you play long before I left? I'm sure I logged in once to say hi to everyone and sold two camo rings to the same guy, I'm sure he said the second one was for you.. If it was, I hope you got it :) ( he paid 160k each btw, incase he charged you ...

Re: Hey guys.. It's been a while

@bitey.. Hey goodies, I remember the tough days at falg lol, quite hard back in the day... Damn can't believe he gets solo'd now. Good hearing off you again buddy, hope life is treating ya well :) @rawr... Hi rawr, still hanging in there ;) Wasn't you a pre-shalmont guy, I think I first met you in t...

Re: Hey guys.. It's been a while

@squidly. Hey squid.. Not had to do the hiding and bottle thing for quite a while now haha.. The Inlaws actually come in quite handy now, when we need a few hours rest from the little monkey :). Im parked outside the house right now with him asleep in the back ( don't want to wake him ) and the mrs ...

Re: Hey guys.. It's been a while

Damn, you all bring the memories flowing back :) @sav Hey sav, I remember your warr now.. Got a few mental pics of him running around now you've mentioned it. Thanks for the info on the old posts showing my god like status .... The wife still needs more convincing, so I think ill print some off for ...

Hey guys.. It's been a while

Hey all.. Most of you won't know me as it's been nearly two years away from CH, but I thought I'd say hi incase a few are still playing... And even if you don't, then hi anyway. My little boy is nearly two.. And doing great (reason I left CH). Seems I've swapped one thing that stopped me getting muc...

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