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Grizz Selling

Unless specified everything is regular-non sparkly Pink Party Crown-3 Red party crown Yellow party crown Orange party crown-2 Purple party crown Winter Adventurer's Diadem of ice Winter Scholar's Diadem of ice Winter Magister's Diadem of ice Dawn Reveller's Diadem of ice Yule Courtier's diadem of ic...

Grizz Selling

Selling A lot of fashion and other junk.. -Mighty Bear helm of freezing River -Majestic Bear helm of the Cruel Claw -Minor Bear helm of the freezing River -Mystic Bear helm of the Savage Maw -Lesser Bear helm of the Savage maw -Conacht Magus Gloves -Greater Frosthelm of Unbral Valor -Pink part crown...

Grizz Buying

Buying Xp and Hero Haste/Buying ranger aggy braces, and misc dmg charm or other misc charms. Contact me in game on my alt RMK or GrizzleyTang


Buying New 1m ammy , haste ring, and 100quiver

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