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Re: Dexterity in druids

Once you get the right gear, druids become hella fun as solo toons or in groups/bosses etc. Phoenixes have improved Druid dps a lot. With my 219 Druid (I’ve been inactive from CH for a few months), but I was able to obtain 2k+ focus, 10k or so attack lixed up and with skill swapping rings could have...

Re: New item drop locations

The 300 elemental bracer dropped in the first corner of the U shaped path around 195 edl boss. 2 exist on Epona while a number of people have logged well over 100+ hours since those first drops with nothing to show. They may have made it more of a random spawn so you have to actually farm the whole ...

Re: Best tank pet?

Chicken is also a viable option. I use it on my hybrid warrior and tank when needed. 480 attack, 360 defense and a heal over time that at max level and max ability should be hitting for 500+ per tick. Low end a 1500 point heal, each tick can crit so potentially a 3000 point heal. Decide on your play...

Re: Buying Plat

A straight plat bought pet would have to cost loads more for VR to even consider it, especially making it better than the dragon or Phoenix. Even though your example was 2k plat, which was a very generous number for a better pet than what’s in game, VR would lose out $$ compared to how it works now....

Re: Economies

Epona has had a lot of xfers opening chests so there’s a lot of excess lix is why they’re cheap atm. Double plat makes it even more so. I’d rather have an abundance of cheap lix vs. 4K xps and 6/7k hastes.

Re: Why is there heat /attack damage on the mage brace (CG) ?

Would be great to get focus to add to casters attack ability as well. That way a melee type build for a caster can actually hit a boss. As it stands now, a caster has to sacrifice a lot of slots for attack gear to have semi decent attack to even hit a boss. It was brought up in another thread to hav...

Re: A druid can solar boss?

Using melee on Druid you gotta have haste going otherwise the auto damage is meager. DG helps with the stats and using totem rings to get attack up along with a Secrets helm. Especially now with having phoenix magic lure, a Druid soloing is more doable than before.

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