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Re: Opinions on finalblow

I won't go into details here but if anyone wants my opinion please message me. I believe people can mature and change but Final isn't so squeaky clean. I don't believe in bashing people here but Final put up the post and I feel people have a right to know the whole story.

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

I am not saying that toons outside of dominant clans should not have a chance at progression. I was rejecting your idea about how VR should adapt the game. Just because gear is available does not mean we are all entitled to it either. I suppose each player has to decide why they play CH...I will lik...

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

Having the same bosses drop edl and dg just doesn't make sense. I do wonder why dg was set up with raid bosses as opposed to armour bosses like all of the other sets but I am guessing it was because players were asking for something different rather than the same old thing as before. Next thing you ...

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

I will agree with Healem that perhaps there is something VR could implement for smaller end game clans to work towards. To offer the same drops from an edl boss as drops from a raid boss that takes coordination, numbers and resources to kill seems...well...short sighted and diminishes the unique nat...

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