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Re: Question and Interest

These masks used to drop during an older event (i cant remember which) from mobs with random spawns. Didnt know they still dropped, nice find :)

Too lazy to repost. But if you care to see, look through my post history. one of my first posts was me getting a black one during the event :)

Re: Reset herne please

Did you all forget to make your daily sacrifices to the CH gods? In case you forgot, the daily sacrifice recipe is: Ingredients: 3 chickens, one of which must be a black dumpy, one must be a chicken stolen from the chicken collectors hoard 1 braken 2 saffron, for seasoning of course The soul of a b...

Re: Faction Barding

lopsam wrote:

This is the barding from the weekly troves

What does the skill do?[/quote]

The skill is what gives the potion like affect. No other bonuses or benefits that i am aware of.

Re: Faction Barding

Yea, I’ve also noticed the same with the t4 potions. They say they completely negate the effect of the boss but you’re still slow as balls when you use them. What’s up with that? Bad enough they don’t stay around when you die, it they don’t seem to work like they’re supposed to either I see, didnt ...

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