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Re: Huntsman ring value

I personally don’t use it. I tested the value many times, and didn’t find it to be very useful. I am a armor heavy tank (I keep 2.8k-Ish armor) but keep my defense high as well and comparibly to a pervious commenter I found it only added 200-600def and at a loss of 900+ hp it wasn’t really worth it....

Beta sign up

I had a question about the beta sign up. Note: I've pm'ed a admin with no response back yet so hopefully I get around this. The new beta sign up forum says no @yahoo addressees which I don't understand. it also says use the email linked to your apple App Store account. Obviously for TestFlight. What...

Re: Only in CH

And yes, my tank has a very hard time holding aggro on 195 bellow and some more mobs where 1 person is doing a lot of damage. That combined with taunt missing as often as it does is frustraiting, I've complained about it before.

Re: Only in CH

I don't mind the leveling, it could be just because we don't have as much lock in our worlds I imagine it could be annoying in a world with more competition

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