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Re: Address the Dino grief

You are fixing the glitches players were using to kill this boss, now do something about the griefs please. The area needs some sort of a lock to or prevent low levels from ruining the raid. It’s true you are issuing bans to those offenders but why not save us and your appeal team the time and reso...

Re: Quiver at lvl 200?

Dl and edl quivers are by far the strongest at bosses because of the divine damage and the divine skill. No lux quiver comes close to comparing at any chaos boss. For leveling i personally like the elemental quivers. These are really nice if you can afford to pop a haste lix. If you are not using ha...

Re: looking for a new server

Mabon overall is the best server you can find. They kill everything, incredibly active, fair gearing system without room for favoritism and generally have leadership that like to joke around. Mabon uses Line for 3rd part communication. Thats not at all biased is it? Plenty of servers are like this ...

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