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Re: Scamming pics admitted

i heard ip-adres ban was possible, right? i want to request it for this guy because he keeps popping up and keeps scamming people. forum moderators or guides know anything about this? Forum moderators and guides have no ability to issue bans let alone an ip ban in game. I think what she meant was c...


Buying a 140 spiritseed charm. PM me your price.

Re: GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

What levels do the different spells become available at the Spell-merchant's? This is something that has always confused me, i think that you should recieve most of the mentioned skills through the main storyline, and others(like Embrace) can be obtained around level 20-30, not sure though. By the ...

Re: Armor for support druid

This is my opinion, the most important thing about being support it staying alive, and with no dmg skills to protect yourself, some extra hp from the warden is very nice, however, if you feel your survivability is ok, go with dusk shadow.

Re: Celtic Heroes Magazine!

Maybe add a class highlight with pros and cons of said class? Would get invalidated in a couple of months, but meh, just an idea. Thanks for this! I'm not too clued up on other classes besides warrior so if anyone wants to show off, I'd be happy to let you :) I can give you mostly everything for dr...

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