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Re: Contact Callator

To shalim I've given helm to eritand and btw keep the million gold not bothered about it!!
Oh dear calla is such a bad person so unkind!! Enjoy!!

Re: Contact Callator

To shalim I'm downloading game again to repay your helm back I had given you a million gold already towards it I've had more important stuff to do in real life then worry about pixels shouting for a ban which is a joke all those that know me to be honest and true and all the haters etc on the game h...

Re: Dicing concerns

I Vote stay as we are normal dicing anything else like ak says is time consuming also what if ppl say as they do now oh so and so will dice for me gtg! More confusion to sort out.

Re: Lugh killed necro!!!!!

I wanna see my and Nar's name in big credits :P Grats lugh and gj, u helped us on mordy and we paid the debt :) Massive big thanks to you guys Crim and Nar for showing Randell and for Randell putting the plan in action congratz lugh a fantastic day for us all well done to everyone who took part. Ca...

Re: Lughs First Necro Kill

Well done lugh and gratz to all who participated in our very first necro kill a fantastic day for us all. A big thank you to rand for putting this plan in action with the help of friends and now our friends Naruto and Criminal thanks guys :D Gratz to roger ,longcool,smithyyy our first necro drop win...

Re: Necro dies now! Times!

Hello all as callu has stated 4am yuk!!:p Good for normal mordy times 6pm est or even 7pm est be ok for us or for our other European counter parts maybe 5pm est no time is a good time so just got to do best we can!

Re: Good bye

I explained all in my pm to you Ade take care in what ever you decide to do.

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