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Re: 1-221*UPDATED*

Ok,so i was doing a bounty that took me to murky vaults,very luckily the mob i needed for the bounty dropped SS.though i don't have enough skill points to max SS QS sneaky rip and reflex. will it always be like this or will i be able to have 5 skills maxed. Also now that i have SS and it uses Dex,ho...

Re: 1-221*UPDATED*

1-50 If you have all the lux i recommended no Vit will be needed just upgrade strength 50-100 Add vit now and keep it around 2k by level 100 then strength 100-130 Keep Vit at 2-2.5k and lots of strength 130-150 Now is the time to switch to dex not only giving you more attack but defense also stats ...

Re: Finally here

Elder Relic Serpent Staff 80% 225K No level Requirement (200K for 60% in Shop and 1Mil for 80% in Shop)

Ps-Great for Mages :D

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