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Re: When you google something...

Toronto's most pressing: Hows: How do you know how do you get mono how I met your mother Hates: I hate it when Adolf Hitler I hate it when Voldemort I hate it when jokes I hate it when a hamster eats the universe What: What is gluten What is love What is my ip When: When did WW2 end When did the Tit...

Re: What age?

yakat wrote:Allowed to stay home alone: 18
Allowed to use a knife: 30

Folks, this is parenting done right.

Re: Mage, bad class now

Mages can be good on PvP but certainly not the best. At lower levels they can be deadly, but then again at low levels it does not really matter. In terms of dps, im a 196 mage with dl wep and offhand, and while my 'jewellery' may not be the best yet (plan on gettin a few things), I can still get out...

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