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Re: Selling

I'm selling
Dark Trident of Wrath (110)
Shadow Trident of Wrath (130)

Buying bone shards and all sigils

Re: Epona

I've seen a lot of different worlds in my time here and discussed them with some of the best players in the game when I did beta. Epona is definitely one of the best servers in all of Celtic Heroes. In Epona -Plat items are wayyyy cheaper than average -There is no top clan that dominates/hogs everyt...

Re: Why is there such a large player class discrepancy?

Yea it really is about the ability of a druid to solo level it seems. Its more of a problem with the game than the druid class. Leveling has a direct relationship with kill speed so its extremely easier to level a DPS class if you have the plat to do so. A possible solution would be to add groups of...

Re: My post. (Toothpick)

Just to be clear. I gave up Wardens because I wasn't having fun with the game anymore and because a lot of drama was happening all the time with the entire server of Epona. A game is meant to be fun and if there's more drama than fun its cool to take a nice months long break from game like I did. Ob...

Re: Why the aggressive mage nerf ?

Mages still seem to be top all around dps even with the nerf. Bolt and shards are still so powerful. If my warrior could drop a 9k AOE on 5 mobs and it got taken away, i would be mad but i couldn't seriously argue that it was unfair. An AOE should never be more than 50% of a single damage spell, bec...

Re: Dear mages

Mages were best direct dps, best indirect dps, best area dps, best boss DPS, best solo class, and really just overall best class in game. I'm fine with indirect and area, but they shouldn't be outdamaging rogue on any 1 enemy or it makes the rogue class completely defunct. If the solution was to boo...

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