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Re: The New Dawn of Mages

Haste does not increase casting speed....as much as we all wish it would. I also don't see how they would help with interrupts...e-shield helps with that because you can't be interrupted while your shield is up. You're also forgetting that not only do you get the small dmg bonus but you get much nee...

Re: Best LvLing Group Yesterday :)

Nothing wrong with letting a lower level tag along for a bit to maybe see zones/mobs they haven't seen before, it's all just part of having fun and playing the game. Everyone in the group obviously agreed...just gives them more motivation to level and get up to that area. I do agree that you shouldn...

Re: New mage nerf

+1 on energy shield. Costing more energy than the health it protects is ridiculous. If the protection was reduced by 25% the energy cost should have been reduced as well, then I wouldn't have as much of an issue with it. Going to work on some more builds and try and figure it out but energy shield i...

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