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Yule Crown Photo

Looking to get a photo of every blessed crown color that has been farmed from this past season's hat quest. Leave a comment below of which blessed colors you own or if you know any players in your server with the various colors willing to participate.


I'll start off.
Green & White here.

Re: Against the dominance

I feel like there needs to be real considerations before taking my advice... What are you attempting to change about the dominant clan or the server? I'll be straightforward and say that my plan was a success and worked. We lost a few good people, but also got many more active. Deception isn't a too...

Re: Against the dominance

This sounds like you're trying to break up and destroy the dom clan. Why not just gather like-minded people from outside that clan and fight against them? Keep growing your numbers and showing up to boss fights and offer some healthy competition. Maybe some players from that dom clan aren't happy a...

Re: Against the dominance

How to break a dominant clan 101: 1) Talk in private to a select few of people to see how they feel about their clan. Do they like the distribution system? Do they like their leaders? Which leaders do they not like and why? Do they wish they could do something different? 2) Approach the leaders you ...

Re: What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

IMO a merger would make players on the merged servers really angry and perhaps even quit. Every server has its own politics, clan hierarchy, economy, etc. To force 2 servers together would destroy some clans. For example, one clan that has been dominant on their server becomes second, the clans tha...

What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

Like all MMORPGs, every developer is faced with this reality. Whether it's because the game has slowly lost touch with players and their interests, or it's because some servers run themselves into the ground forcing players to quit or transfer. Most servers are able to sustain themselves today decen...

Re: Luxury pets

They said in a different post they weren’t going to do it. Which probably means itl never happen because even tho premium pets should be treated like the rest, the bottom line is they make more money if we can’t refund them. Money is what they care about. Yes and No. They obviously care about money...

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