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Re: [Rant] Stop asking me to verify my gender for **** sake.

Its funny, i actually think you more often then not see people as the same gender you are. Last year when i was playing clash of clans, i made some friends in a clan, and i always just assumed they were male, turns out they were female and had always assumed i was female, why did we never really fin...

Re: Prices

I think you should find those prices in the 'ALL ABOUT EPONA' just above this post

and a random question from me
what is the going price for purple, stags, bears and lions?

Sentinel Quest Help

So i started the large quest chain in the otherworld and followed it al the way through carrowmore, the giant scorpion, through the blackstone and sentinels. And i also completed the dunskeig part. And the issue is, all parts of the quest have the ones which you can repeat, except for the sentinel q...

What Bracelet to get?

Ive been off CH for some time now and now im trying to level again. However im looking to get good bracelets, but not sure what to get. there is so much
new stuff out there.

I have Major Wyrmscale bracelet, but thats it, should i get something different? and what to get as the second option?

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