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Re: Winter Update

Muldar wrote:I've been petitioning for the Christmas tree since last Winter so hopefully this year it gets added :lol:

It's a great idea! Not to mention it would probably look awesome!

Re: Legacy Mount Vendor?

No Legacy mounts, Legacy bosses was a great idea gives other clans a chance to stumble across something fun to kill every once in awhile. It also helps tips the power scale giving players in a lower tier clan the chance to earn some of the items they could not obtain due to a very oppressive clan. N...

Re: Build

Well i see that you have lifesteal. Lifesteal is a skill that relys on dexterity. Seeing as you have more strength than dexterity I would replace lifesteal with something else. With a strength build like yours I would continue to use the skills you have but I might replace lifesteal with sneak attac...

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