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Re: Hi Hey There Hello

I figure I should stop making new posts whenever I'm back. I'm not very important or well remembered probably but I do hope someone can sell me a nice cheap fast mount since I still haven't gotten another one after I was an idiot and let mine get scammed. Hopefully I have enough lixes to level up an...

Re: Elite Bounties

Mmh not sure I like that lol. It's a random chance to get an elite bounty in the first place, then a random chance to get a bag from that elite bounty, and then a random chance to get something useful from the bag...

Re: Solo Leveling Early Midgame Ranger

Alright here's an update to this: I'm now level 121, Gear: Adamant Bow Hero Gloves, Frozen Boots, Met Helm, Legs, and BP(Just need two Hawks for Frozen Helm) Midnight Tali(on loan indefinitely), 20 poison damage Sunfire misc(on loan indefinitely), 5 slash brace(planning to replace with an aggy brace...

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