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Really Dulcima?! Jeez ppl this is like a month old topic that has already been solved and was changed to 'Shadowkarar' because he stuck his ****** in it with an anspiring speech. Both shadow and snipes are good ppl. They are just getting the bitter end of eachother. GET OVER YOURSELFS! - Shadow ur a...

Re: Adelon the best???

My favourite food is brocoli. My favourite TV show is super dust girls. My favourite band is 'GoGirls'. In my spare time i go around hitting on women. I have a 1 child who is almost 4 months old. I have a wife who is a English teacher. I work in a city bank as an accouter in my own office... Is this...

Re: From zerks to ancients

Whoa whoa wait a minute what about me?!?!?! I'm the one that had to endure as the CURRENT chief at the time 'Sabre has left the clan' - without a word. DO U KNOW HOW I FELT? toy can cry all he wwnts but he wasn't even playing at the time!!!!!!!!

WELCOME BACK SABRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Samkhan Merchant

Well since mr community decided to be big and ban me, ima have to edit the post a ****** way. King Asfold 2012-13 Axe [2 in stock] WinterKing 2011 Axe [1 Rare] WinterKing 2011 Sword [1 Very Rare] Obsiden Axe [1 in stock] Stave of Storms (i think) - Has 100 damage proc [1 in stock] Stave of Bolts [4 ...

Re: Community user

First off the comment about parents wasn't directed at you it was the post above mine . Secondly , highly advise ? Does that mean you are gonna Internet beat me up lol . You need to relax dude , if you don't recognize you got a bit carried away with your initial post on this thread your blind . Mor...

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