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Boar Pets

Their skill is basically a riposte/cloak. What does it effect though. Does it send skill damage back as well as auto attack damage or just auto attack?

Is this rumor true?

So I saw it said that ALL old event bosses are coming back including the Undead Fire Titan.. Please tell me this is just a rumor, because if all the old event bosses are coming back then the economies will turn to trash. I cannot believe that. No way.

Re: Discouraging Servers

Good example, 10 minutes ago on Sulis I was spammed by 6 "noobs" simultaneously within 16 seconds of entering the castle. These spams consisted of "Can you marry me?" "How do I make gold?" "Do u hv eny rogge stuf?" "I herd yur mean." "I need hel...

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