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Re: Smart tv

Yup the lag between mobile screen and tv screen is way to high as per my experience.... Ohwkeej, I was wondering How the controls worked. I was hoping you could play with wireless keyboard. Still, I'm going to give it a try, it's a few years since I've played and want to come back one more time to ...

When u see me online

Guys , since i'm busy like never before i gave my account to my lil brother . he's gonna play for me till i got more time to play .
He's only 10 and his English isn't as good as mine , so please be gentle with him.

Miss hanging out in Lugh , but RL needs me atm.

Quiting CH

Im done with this game.
It was fun while it lasted but im out!
See ya fools ;)

No need to beg for my stuff , it goes to one person . :ugeek:

Re: High lvls are taking all drops and selling them for too

Nerraa not starting a discussion here,but if the lower levels attack they got lock in 4-5 hits.. Ik , but they just started looking for a bit of help , and if a higher lvl suddenly pops up and runs of with it , it will get on ur system. The same high lvls go cry all day if they have to spend 10k on...

Re: High lvls are taking all drops and selling them for too

Well i do feel for these lower lvls . Ill give an example , last night i was in Lir chillin and at crossroads a bear spawns . I had no interest in it and a few lvl 60 try to team up for it. But al of the sudden a few lvl 120+ (not naming anyone) shoot at it , leaving the lower lvls with empty hands!...

Re: Stuff costs too much

To be honnest , i understand Charlotte. Not all players in the game are able to spend lots of plat to create gold , for multiple reasons (to young , not wealthy enough , ... ) And i do agree that some items are way to expensive for those that have to grind for the gold. But dont spend ur gold to thi...

Re: Gone for a while...

lawl xD u guys are the funniest in the clan xD. And SERIOUSLY U DONT KNOW KATE UPTON?! Nerraa i feel so srry for u bro hahahaha Oh and hey Micheal :p Im so sorry ninja , but im not realy into 'murican girls ;) She's goodlooking , i'll give her that but she ain't my kinda type :roll: Check out Yolan...

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