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Re: Dream gear?

For dps: Doch gul gloves/boots/legs/breastplate Voidscale helm of Carnage ( 200 str/1500 hp/1500 energy ) Void axe of solar flames ( 250 str/600 attack ) runic dagger of spite godly silverweb charm of might ( 200 str/+10 giant swing /+10 pummel ) 3x godly necral ring of fate ( 100 str/dex/1000 axe )...

Re: Frozen boss times not changed

I'll make it simple: They changed the base spawn time so the expected time is the same, then went +/- 5 minutes. Take the old window, divide in 2 then add it to the original earliest spawn. If they went with the minimum time it would be a spawn boost rate, which they are not claiming. They claimed ...

Frozen Bosses

The windowd have not been changed to 10 minutes. I have been camping several frozen bosses, and they take just as long to spawn as before the reset. So unless otm changed the time until the mob has a chance to spawn aswell, nothing has changed. ( If otm changed the time it takes for the mob to have ...

Re: Scammer alert on herne/crom

Casual Crom wrote:
Reanstince wrote:do you know his arawn name?

if ur thinkin that hes the ventius on arawn, hes not lol. the ventius on arawn is wilfordbetus on crom lol. wilfordbetus took quickstrikers rangers name lol. just to let u know:)

Ik its not wilfordbetus who did the scamming :p ( do have someone else in mind )

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