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Re: Is dicing random

zchicken1 wrote:
Armo wrote:Anyone who plays dota, knows exactly what pseudo-random chance is.


League is better ;)

A dota player and a league player walk into a bar. The dota player said that dota was a better MOBA. The league player couldn’t deny.

Re: Did otm nerf tier 6 dragon pet damage after beta?

Couldnt have said it better myself pirana. Beta starts are not finalised and can easily be changed. On a side note, whoever told you info from closed beta smelly should not be allowed. Reason for being a closed beta is that the stats are not open to the community for this exact reason. I was going ...

Re: Did otm nerf tier 6 dragon pet damage after beta?

I just got my tier 6 dragon pet and the cold damage is 1915 at dragon taming ability at 1960/2350. My clanny told me that in beta, the tier 6 dragon pet dmg was around 3k. Although I have not max the ability, 3k is way out and I don't think at 2350 ability, the damage will be close to 3k. Did otm n...

Re: Banned account.

I was wrongfully banned once. I pmed Morgana and my issue was sorted within a few hours. She's your best bet. Hope this helps. Morgana hasn’t logged for 6 months on the forums :( I come back after 2 years to see she hasn’t logged since March... then randomly she comes back as I go to mention that.....

Re: Servers have been restarted to improve lag issues

Honestly it would be cheaper if OTM were to have someone work on this for OT pay. Theyve lost alot of plat sales already as half the worlds arent even attempting raids at the moment and lixing has come to a halt since the update. If its still laggy for the usual double plat during black friday then ...

Re: hey guys :)

eda wrote:Im just wondering if anyone still remembers me. If i manage to get my account back, i might even start playing again. Tought it will be pretty much a fresh start.

Hai and welcome back

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