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Re: Seedling

I see no evidence of that. At any ability level (so far) the pet seems to increase the other person's DMG by the amount in the tool tip. Same thing for my own damage (I think. It's harder to calculate on yourself because the stats the pet grants play against the damage bonus so it's tricky.) The pe...

Re: Seedling

Delphinus? Think what he meant was it increases damage output to others affected by ur pets aura. Ur pets aura doesn’t boost ur own damage as much as it boosts others. Increasing ability increases the dmg others get boosted by ur aura. It’s more of a support buff for others as opposed to urself. Th...

Re: Future Updates

Difinitus wrote:I know that many of you are excited to known what the team has in store for the next update, but I don't have any info to share with you at this time.

When the team is ready to announce some news, I'll post it here on the Forums first. :)

Chicken helms plz

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