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Re: Dark Kitty

There have been cases where support makes a mistake. The best I can recommend is that you try to avoid long uninterrupted fishing sessions so as to avoid looking suspicious.

Re: Again??

In my personal opinion, the loss of 4 days is better than having all the server economies completely screwed up. It's still not a perfect solution - the exploit has been around for quite a bit longer, so there are a lot of people who still have the exploited items. DECA is working on manually tracki...

Re: “Archfyre/Dragonfrye fists” and dragon hood from chests

I've found references to the new hat quest in the game files in the last update, and it looks like the dragon hood is going to be the hat reward for the new quest next month. I can't confirm if this is accurate or not, but based on what I've seen, and the lack of hoods being dropped, I'm leaning tow...

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