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Re: BT event date

I was told the BT event is supposed to start end of February, so the coming weekend? A heads up now would be nice so people know how much longer they have to farm the potions. Not sure who told you that, but no date has been officially announced by VR. If it is this weekend, it will probably be ann...

Re: Lets make Epona 2

Server dominance is a player-created thing, and will always exist. It is different than the argument between a dkp or fully random-based system, and I think that line is blurring too much through this thread. A dominant clan system has its own issues (not specific to any servers - whether roll-based...

Re: Lets make Epona 2

Bitey wrote:There are “free” servers, and there are “dom” servers. But you can’t have Freedom without both Free and Dom.


It's true though, you can't be free of something if that something doesn't exist.

Re: CH future?

I'm pretty new and really enjoy the game but as I read many of your posts here, I am scared to spend money because many of you make it sound like this game is pretty much over. As veterans you should be promoting instead of tearing it down. I would love to buy chests, but is there a point? Where is...

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