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Re: *New Itemfinder band*

If i understand this right this would tie in with eragons database pretty good as he doesnt have the locations for the items on there. Or u saying I could pay u for any item in the game? If so I'm looking for 2 apostate braces ;) Based on the first two posts, it sounds like they are willing to help...

Re: Bloodthorn bash bashed Nuada

Nuada can’t kill mordy so you’re wrong. Not because there’s 19 servers, but because Nuada shot itself in the foot. Refer to what I said previously Yeah players may be inactive or xfer out, but that ties into my previous statements. Nuada is welcome to take their endgame players back from Sulis :D

Re: Bloodthorn bash

I'd say either remove the pot requirements, or else give a (temporary) major boost to the vine drop rates and/or drop count. It's a great idea for an event, don't get me wrong. However, due to the fact that potions are requirements for the raid, an increased raid respawn should come with increased p...

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