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Re: RareCollecter In Mabon.

Making it short and simple, I left my old accounts, and just sit in castle collecting rare items, if you have any of these items, please contact me in game, asap. Items such as: 2011* brooms Bloodlusts. Carpets. Sleds. 2011* items. *no hats please* midsummer. solstice. sparkly black crown. darkflam...

Re: Message From Dragonbourne

GrimLocke wrote:Some sort of indirect apology?

nah not apologizing no reason to... even if i say i stoped scamming i still will exactly like linder says about him not scamming when we all know hes out their scamming someone lol...

Message From Dragonbourne

Hello fellow mabons! i have been long gone from mabon since i got disabled for scamming skyrims camo and selling to bluewing which got his arse banned lol...\ anyways almost a year a go, me and illogic was close friends. he was willing to trust me with his gold camo, gold bloodlust and numerous of o...

Re: shop

save the grand abund u will have 7500 gold in mail soon

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