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Re: Those of Us Left

Been around since 2012. I used to post a lot, then got rather busy in real life, so my forums time slowed down drastically. But, there's a couple of "holier than thou" forum users, that I just got tired of seeing them dis everybody's opinions on every subject, nobody but these couple of p...

Re: "Admin"

Admin is Richard I believe aka the founder of ch if I recall. He hasn't been active on forums in a while but used to be very active way back in the day.

Re: Ranger Advice?

Best ranger advice I can give is switch to mage or rogue. You will thank me later, and someday you will give this same advice to an aspiring young ranger.

Re: Quick Gold in Celtic Heroes ( without purchasing plat ) - for new players

Best get rich quick scheme I ever heard of was host dice for common chickens and keep them whether you win or lose or convince n00bs to trust trade you their common chickens then never give them back. Bottom line get as many common chickens as you can and eventualy you will be rich. This 18372818732...

Mounted combat?

What ever happened to mounted combat? For ages we were told that we couldn't have horse mounts because a "mounted combat system" was being developed for them. It was supposed to allow us to use weapons while on horseback/mounted it was also said that these mounts would have their own inven...

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