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Re: Contest Prizing!

I like B the most, giving a sense of mystery to the prize always keeps it interesting and that's what the chests would help do. If there are multiple competitions and the prize stays the same people who won previously probably wouldn't be as likely to compete again.

Re: Whats good Mabon

What's up bro, miss ya, I took a small break from the game just because of some drama that was going on as usual. Just gets annoying sometimes and its good to get away from the game for awhile. Anyways, good to see you around and hope everything is going well.

What Interests You?

Hey Guys, I've been thinking about starting to make some videos playing Celtic Heroes and I am wondering what kind of content would be enjoyable for you to watch. Things I have considered covering are: Tutorials on leveling, the roles of each character in a group (bossing or lvling), rare mob spawn ...

Update details

I understand that this next update you said was to include the auction house and some castle additions but I was wondering was there anything beyond that? Primarily I am asking in terms of new fashion or chests? Also are there going to be new mounts released from chests anymore or were the mount tok...

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