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Re: Forum-ers you miss the most

Arjunlite wrote:Cheers to Romeo and Gandorf ❤️❤️

I post from time to time, but my lack of gameplay for 2 years now makes me way outdated, so can't help much :mrgreen:

I hope you dont get offended, but I very much recognize your name and havent played in a long time either, do you remember me from somewhere?

How's it going Gwydion?

Hey there guys and gals :) some of you might remember me, some may not, but I used to play this game a long time ago and just dropped by to see how everything is. Have grown up a bit since last encounter, curious how things are. Any old timers here still remember me? ;)


Hi. I'm selling stuff: Lux: Stargem set (tank except for Dmg ammy) Sunshard bracelet Majestic broom Offhand axe Offhand quiver Arachnid health regen ring Full ironroot Comrak set Full stormleaf Comrak set Black Lugh Another sunshard bracelet 85% wings, 80% fellspine, 80% bat Mount Everything else: 4...

Re: Better tanking ammy?

First amulet gives 10 extra hp and energy regeneration if you care about regens. In my opinion, while tanking 1000 defence is a lot more preferential compared to armour. What's better than taking less damage? No damage at all. Also, not only does the first amulet give 300 stat points directly, but ...

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