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Re: Stock market

Guys which one is better the day to day trading or invest in the long term stock? --------------- my website Day to day you cab make a lot of money all at once but REALLY risky, at that point it's close to gambling, you have to know everything about the company (reading their 10ks, etc.) Long term ...

Re: Introduce yourself

Hey im rogue216, I used to be on gwydion and then went inactive 2 years ago. Just revisiting now and checking this out again haha everything looks soo different!

Re: How's it going Gwydion?

Hey there guys and gals :) some of you might remember me, some may not, but I used to play this game a long time ago and just dropped by to see how everything is. Have grown up a bit since last encounter, curious how things are. Any old timers here still remember me? ;) No I don't know who you are,...

Re: Hi Gwydion

Think wrote:Hi gwydion, I am thinking about coming back to the game and this server. How are the prices of everything such as chests, lix, ect. And how has the game changed. Everything looks so different

Hey long time no see haha

Re: One clan

HelterSkelter was basically this concept I just posted this for a friend who dosnt have forum acc but HS had over 6000 players at one time in CH history Lol you know that cool down for promoting and demoting In a clan? Yea thank Hs lol. But it is a good idea, people just aren't willing to accept it...

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