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twins,twins,and more twins

this game is starting to get very popular. and that means that there are more players right?....thats right soooooooooooo that means alot of look alikes and its kinda wierd, for instance i play in maybon and there are like 5 people who look exactly like me in the face type color,hair type and color,...


SONSOFSWORDS ROSTER CHIEFTAIN: OMNIOUS GUARDIANS: skyrim=1 ranyk=2 dragonage=3 caman=4 beest=5 kite=6 jemima , not ready to be squad leader sniper, not ready to be squad leader CLANSMEN: cambria=1 deparnieux=2 comnomon=1 emrys=2 undertaker=1 camobruzz=2 athos=1 koffiepot=1 owen=3 scottly=3 richard=...

Re: Clan - DevineForces (please apply to be one of are allie

well I am the leader of sonsofswords, and it is soon to be changed to kingsofwar before the update so kingsofwar dose not exist currently. if u are form a different server (world) and u want to join than there is only two requirements, u must be at least lvl 30, and u must be an active player thank ...

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