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Re: newbs

Curry30423 wrote:._.

Bec incoming with the ocd in 3...2...1...

I legit almost died reading that


Tried to buy 4K plat for chests and won't let me, says "purchase failed. Cannot connect to iTunes"


I have no doubt this has probably been said many times before, but an olds kook server? Just the old script in a new app or maybe even a couple worlds, how cool would that be? No updates for it just an oldskool version up to stonevale. Thoughts?

Re: 145+ leveling build please?

Sorry becnub but n00bs are not allowed to be good._. I can help u become more newb doe :0 Build: 275-350 vit Rest str Gear: Idk the available gear atm but u should use comrak dmg set or midnight army along with aggy rings and braces. If u can't get those use frosterion ones. Skills: Steady Sharpen ...

Re: 145+ leveling build please?

For those levels I went spear build... Aggy level 130 Trident, Axe offhand/dagger depending if you need regens, Midnight Talisman etc Used Light Heal, Sharpen Weapons, Rapid Shot, Double Attack, Skewer lvl 1 and Entangle The spear is fast, especially on haste/combo, high auto damage, you're in a sm...

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