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Re: Peace on gwydion needed

You never said what you wanted to see on gwydion ;) Maybe we all should just start anonymous noobs and form a nooby clan, just be yourself, no plat, no bad attitude, just playing the game and chugging along dreaming of how exciting it would be to get a dragon disc again. I want the game I got hooke...

Re: Hi Gwyds

I'm still not playing. but my guess is:
No new rooms or bosses (aside from seasonal) in nearly 2 years.
The same 40 players bickering over the same old feuds.
The elite clans are still identical save their names.
Game still needs an enema.

Re: What classes remain unbalanced?

I can only speak for druids: Druids as healers are a rare beast and are hard to play. I love my druid and I played as a full supported healer all the way (like a true roll-playing game), not just a min-maxed druid toon that starts as a DPS druid and then switches to healer. There were pros and cons ...

Re: Gwydion, please hear me out.

Hold up. Just cos a few posters hold insufferable grudges does mean the whole server is whack. The people who post here are only a tiny cross-section of the server. I have found that every single dispute except one that I have had on the server have been solved through negotiation and natural and ra...

Re: Gwydion, please hear me out.

SinFear, you and I agree 90% of the time and squabble over the 10% and that's why we're chums. I'd like to ask that you repost this original thread. The rolling idea has merit and is an old idea that could tolerate another look. Some find the DL point boring and too rigid. Besides, calculating out p...

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