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Re: What to max next? Cloak of Fire? Firestorm? Shards?

Thanks for the advice. I was already thinking Firestorm, due to the reasons Eragon mentioned. You confirmed it. Went ahead and alted to go with that. Bob, I’ve read your guide. It’s extremely helpful. Thanks for all you do. Cloak wasn’t mentioned in your skills list, so I wasn’t sure of how you rank...

Re: Og game memories [Please read]

Another oldie here! I don’t remember the year, but it would’ve been pretty early. I loved the old game. Went through the original “mask of Lugh” quest, not realizing how valuable later they would be. Haha. Got a cloud mount to drop from the cloud mobs that also dropped Stave of Tempests, also a blac...

Re: Build help

And keep dbl attack only 10 lvls above you. No need for more. Keep the point(s) for something else.

Selling and buying

Buying: Ring of haste Poisoners aggy brace (preferably dex) Damage rings, heat, cold, or poison. +40 and higher. Dmg charm, same as above. Selling these items. Some have prices. Open to offers on all. If you want to pm in game, name is Llewellyn, 134 ranger. Full Greater Solstice Set Rare Weapons: S...

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