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Re: Against the dominance

I’m not sure about you being the oldest active player on the server fury. If you were so interested on helping the server you’d be welcoming to newer players, you would use your gold and help them instead of trying to squeeze every last bit of gold from all players then moan when nobody buys your it...

Re: Global Tavern

Having popped into the global tavern very briefly this morning the lag wasn’t as bad as the castle was but there was a lot less people. However the ovens for cooking were very crowded, yes you can still click them put piles of piles of people split across two ovens isn’t idea. If global area in the ...

Re: Global Castle feedback

I feel the lag impact and the amount of ‘spam’ in the shout list outweighs the positive side of the social interaction and seeing other servers gear. If you log out in the castle you’ll have a real issue trying to get back into the game which is hard for the clan banks. I feel a ‘waiting area’ in th...

Re: New item drop locations

Jake wrote:
Dequon wrote:Do we have anymore information about the brace from alchemical? I saw that in the post it said a 196 mob but was also quoted for a 195 mob

I think any wizard in that loop around the 195 room has a chance to spawn it.

Ah interesting I would have guessed the other mobs, Thankyou

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