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Re: Android Switch

Sorry to see you leave masterfighter. Wish you luck on android :) Elty/garrett is real trustworthy just incase you have any doubts :D That is really good to hear Demon, no one wants to be scammed lol. I wish all my friends in Gwydion and Soli good luck and hope I can get another Ios device someday....

Re: Gwydion Transfer

I could check out some stuff u got on gwyd, maybe we will work a deal out but tbh i dont really wanna xfar there but will try my best to help. Hey UpDown, I've seen you ingame a fewtimes, I think you helped me kill that dryad, I'm that noob 'Watcher', I will message you ingame in a few hours, hope ...

Gwydion Transfer

Hi all, So basically I have quite a bit of stuff in the ios world gwydion which I wish to transfer to an android server, preferably Balor as I have already started playing a druid there, however any android server will do. Transferring is obviously risky so we would need to find someone trustworthy,...

Re: Charms and stuff

magister22 wrote:buying charms and cool stuff Pm me in game love to see what u have

Hey mag,
I have a zombie charm, if you're interested send me a PM on forums.


Bounty Board

Hi guys, I recently started playing again and from what I have heard bounty board has voided elixirs almost entirely and new players breeze through many more levels then previously. I know lixing was never fun, but just checking if a level 150 has put much effort in (just talking exp here), as I am ...

Android Switch

So basically I have a bit of stuff in Gwydion that I would like to move to an android world, I will pay more then it is worth if I have to, if we do go ahead with transfer we will have to use a helpful trustworthy person, as scamming is all too real, I did enjoy Gwydion and the old engine. If anyone...

Re: Notorious Clan

Notorious is doing a great job and instead of having random alts as guards/gens they do have active alts from awakening so they can help out lower levels with their main. As for th blood grove part which was completely off topic it did have its moment when it was a great clan before joining into so...

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