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Re: Barbed Shot

Strider used a sword, not a spear. An this isn't lotr anyway. I think all classes should be able to use any weapons/armor they want, but they will obviously get bonuses for using items geared toward their class. If you want to be a Mage who uses a battle axe, be my guest, just don't complain when yo...

Re: Stop begging!

Sounds like the guy who scammed you got some free stuff. Maybe talk to him about getting free things? Sounds like he knows what he is doing...

Re: Barbed Shot

Why wouldn't you just be a warrior if you wanted to use a spear?

In my eyes a ranger was meant to be a ranged class...

Just my 2c

How is steady aim?

I've heard it's not worth it? I am maxing out light heal, rapid shot, and bolos as needed. What else should I raise? I am playing more of a hybrid, with equal str dex and vit.

I've heard barbed shot stinks too. So what else do I raise?

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