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Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

You had an extremely good point about the Phoenix. I remember while while back OTM removed shrink and growth charms // ghost charms and crookback charms because they were childish and didn’t fit where the game was heading and then we get this extremely bright very cartoonish looking pets and mounts...

Re: Bloodthorn bash bashed Nuada

So the majority of Nuada's end-game playerbase has gone inactive, due to lack of prospect of this game. The slow content updates, VR's statement that the next update will be just a QoL update without new content and the heavy dependence on 5+ year old raid bosses made a big part of the playerbase l...

Re: Celtic Heroes Classic

I hope you realise chests didn't actually exist back then lol, you would have to reboot the game to 2013. Yep. Sigils were only available in the plat store, along with elixirs, backpack expansions and bank expansions. Casters has to decide between regen gear (which never kept up) and spending obsce...

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