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lugh to arawn

Hey guys, i would like to transfer approx 450k worth of items over here.

World : Lugh

specific items:
Golden blade of ice (or 180k)
100k gold
Golden rejuv (or 100k)
Energise ring (or 20k)
200 idols
200 restos
2 combos (or 16k)
3 drags (or 30k)
Opal cleaver - any colour (or 45k gold)

Re: Mage Support Level Req for 200

It would be really great if we could somehow get statistics of the boss fight.... For example most dmg, most health tanked and such. I've seen these in many other mmo's and it's very very helpful in deciding who gets to have a share of the spoils. Or maybe if they just simply added the name of the p...


Selling heroic boots, heroic gloves
Selling white admair mask
trading boots-or gloves and 140k for golden axe (level 100)
Selling 3 dragons 13k each
Selling an elm 6k
selling crowns 3k
oaks 2k
Mail me or post here.

Re: That moment when...

Yeah my names mrn1ceguy in game so i get an occasional noob going like " are you really nice" i know what the result would be if i said yes so i say "nope". Then they leave me alone >:)

Re: The Dreaded Wisps

he means farming xp, you cant get any xp from catas at that level.
What you should do is stay at shalemont river and level there it's great. try to avoid the mages though unless you have a druid with you. proc stance will help against the soldier.

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