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Re: Dragon skill damage

Z4beemer wrote:Ive seen dragon crit 5k before thats why im asking for screen shots of crits and not picture of the skill...

That would require an ability of roughly 3-3.5k to crit a 5k, idk how many lvl 350s are on your server though

Re: Rogue class

i want to open a discussion on ..rogue class and how the best dps class in the game lost its benefits with currupted gardens update.Need opinions and tell me what you think. Thanx. I feel like rogue us still far and away the best dps class in the game, as even if they arent number 1 at a boss, they...

Re: Crazy rogue stats

https://s22.postimg.cc/p651ez2xt/Screenshot_20180805-154408.png So far, still need a few pieces of gear and better food I have tried similar stats. Can’t even kill shadow hound these stats. Now I am mostly vit and I kill shadow hounds with more than half hp left. These kind of insane stats are good...

Re: Crazy rogue stats

Beheadeth Crom wrote:Half these builds would suck at bosses with how little energy y'all got

Restos, if you want to output dumb damage you gotta spam them.

Re: Conra the Wolfmother

It seems to have resistances, even though it shouldn't? I've never hit an auto attack / skill even close to their potential max. The highest hits are always pretty similar and significantly less than their potential max in stats. That to me is an indicator that they do hit their max from what the w...

Re: Hellsteed mount thread

Can we get any admin feedback on our feedback regarding the Hellsteed? We appreciate the input on the Hellsteed mount so far! We're still evaluating feedback from the community and reviewing internal data, so I can't definitively say we will make any changes at this time. Please make sure the team ...

Re: Best Premium Pet - Rogue

Thank you! so overall magic seedling is the best, eventually I wanted to get one of each but, wanted to focus on one at first For your own personal dps dragon then seedling, but for overall raid dps seedling beats it by a good amount. It's more of a "do I want to get kill or do I want the boss...

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