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Re: New lux vendor

Milder that's nearly impossible to buy from other players because most of the players such as I'm looking for trailblazer of the hawk ring and bracelet. I've shouted for 3 weeks looking. And guess what still can't find why. Because old the older players ave quit due to lack of support from otm. Why ...

New lux vendor

Why is it the new lux vendor always has the last update lux. Like I would if though that would have been a decrease. Pretty much it feels like you might as well consider that lux shop the same as it was before because that's all we are getting on lir server.


Buying trailblazer of the hawk LVL 190 ring and bracelet paying good message ingame. Feelmyheat

Re: Zone Disruption?

I agree with you know. After necrosis. A bunch o lemni has barely logged. You hardly see alz and them. Bunch of lemni taking a break hoping most would come back. I think it's because there is no challenge for tribal or lemni anymore. Server is boring. A lot of lemni wishing they didn't do thatM beca...

For lir server

Guy acting like me, so I have had many people on lit cone and ask me why I'm posting things about account sharing. Well I'm not. My guess someone is claiming to be me. This is my only forums account. My inane name is feel my heat. Without spaces of course wanna get everything fixed before other's qu...

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