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Official 'D'aaawwww' thread

Post pics or gifs that are so cute* that they make you go D'aaww, or even stop your heart from utter cuteness.

*these pics will of course be based on posters opinion, so no flaming or ranting that something isn't cute.
Also, please don't be a troll and post an ugly pic/gif saying you think its cute!

I return

http://emywinchester.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/business-cat-meme-generator-hi-friends-i-m-back-4689fc.jpg After a week of not being able to move, i am back! I have pnemonia and couldnt really move till my antibiotics kicked in, all in all, just wondering if anyone missed me....or even knew i was ...

Re: $53 worth of cards

Xilo wrote:I can't really see the cards, I see a couple mountains which is like 10 cents each? Other than that I can't tell

Took this pic at night, whatcha expect, perfect lighting?

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