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Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hi I'm MyDeathz, I've been playing since 2012, I've taken frequent breaks from the game over my long span of playing, I have had many accounts over the years and have been on a total of 4 clans during my near 6 years of gameplay, some players may remember me as flamestrike back in the early years of...

Regal diamond robes

Does anyone have any idea what a set of regal diamond robes are worth, I have the top and legs and I am looking to sell these in order to get back on my feet after a long absence away from the game. Thank you for the help MyDeath

Re: Stats for level 100 rogue

Level one hundred so I'm guessing you'll have 495 points to play with upon reset. Personally I like a healthy amount of str I have barely any dexterity and enough hp to last. I'd put about 150-200 points in hp maybe 30-40 in dexterity and the rest into str, with this build Youll get enough strength ...

Buying Dagger of Slaying

Hey im a rogue called MyDeath as im sure many of have seen me around danu. I am looking to buy a Dagger of slaying its the level 100 requirment dagger from the lix store in carrowmore which has regen qualitys. If anyone has this item up for sale could they please let me know as this is the only offh...

Re: Need help with stats!!

Depends really i mean im a level 127 rogue i have stats at Str 405 Dex 30 Foc 10 Vit 215 It gives me a solid 1.8k hp good enough for levelling my strength gives me plenty of damage in the skills i use and i have a damage of 760 my skills max hits according to otm's skills bases are quick strike 1949...


Im mydeath a level 127 rogue on the world danu made a comeback recently so hoping to enjoy playing i like i used to :p

New weapon drops

They may be powerful but the restriction many people may agree with me on is the fact that no offhand can be equipped there for reducing there overall power and making the icelord and winter king weapons better, could this maybe be changed so that offhands could be used with these weps and they beco...

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